Land And Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009

Conveyance on sale.

104.— (1) A mortgagee exercising the power of sale conferred by this Chapter, or an express power of sale, has power to convey the property in accordance with subsection (2)

[CA 1881, s. 21(1)]

(a) freed from all estates, interests and rights in respect of which the mortgage has priority,

(b) subject to all estates, interests and rights which have priority to the mortgage.

(2) Subject to subsections (3)(b) and (4), the conveyance—

(a) vests the estate or interest which has been mortgaged in the purchaser,

(b) extinguishes the mortgage, but without prejudice to any personal liability of the mortgagor not discharged out of the proceeds of sale,

(c) vests any fixtures or personal property included in the mortgage and the sale in the purchaser.

(3) This section—

(a) applies to a sale by a sub-mortgagee so as to enable the sub-mortgagee to convey the head-mortgagor’s property in the same manner as the mortgagee,

(b) does not apply to a mortgage of part only of a tenancy unless any rent which is reserved and any tenant’s covenants have been apportioned as regards the property mortgaged.

(4) Where the mortgaged property comprises registered land, the conveyance is subject to section 51 of the Act of 1964.