Harbours (Amendment) Act 2009


Consequential Amendments on Transfer of Certain Harbours

Section 19 .

Short title or citation

Provision affected

Nature of affect

Harbours Act 1946

Section 134

First Schedule

Delete paragraph (a) of subsection (1) and paragraph (a) of subsection (6).

Delete the following (inserted by section 2 of Harbours Act 1976):

Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners.

The council of the county of Cork. The Town Commissioners of the town of Bantry.

Bantry Chamber of Commerce.


Fishery Harbour Centres (Amendment) Act 1992

Subsections (3) and (4) of section 2

Substitute “Port of Cork Company” for “Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners”.

Local Government (Audit Fees) Regulations 2003 ( S.I. No. 622 of 2003 )


Delete the references in column 1 to “Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners” and “Tralee & Fenit Pier & Harbour Commissioners” and delete in Column 2 the audit fee referred to opposite each of those references.

European Communities (Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information System) Regulations 2004 ( S.I. No. 81 of 2004 )


Substitute the following for the entry at reference number 2:



Port of Cork Company”.

Substitute the following for the entry at reference number 12:


Tralee and Fenit

Shannon Foynes Port Company”.