Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009

Content of housing services plan.

15.— (1) In making a housing services plan, a housing authority shall, in particular, have regard to the following:

(a) the development plan or plans for its administrative area;

(b) any summary or summaries of social housing assessments prepared under section 21 ;

(c) the demand for affordable housing in its administrative area;

(d) the accommodation programme or programmes adopted for its administrative area in accordance with section 7 of the Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 ;

(e) the homelessness action plan adopted in accordance with Chapter 6 in respect of its administrative area;

(f) the need to ensure that housing services are delivered in a manner which promotes sustainable communities, including but not necessarily limited to the need to—

(i) counteract undue segregation in housing between persons of different social backgrounds, and

(ii) ensure that a mixture of dwelling types and sizes and of classes of tenure is provided to reasonably match the different types of housing support required in its administrative area;

(g) its anti-social behaviour strategy (if any) under section 35 ;

(h) any directions given by the Minister under subsection (2);

(i) the matters specified in section 69 of the Local Government Act 2001 to which local authorities are required to have regard in performing their functions.

(2) (a) The Minister may direct a housing authority to include in its housing services plan such information as he or she considers necessary, including, but not necessarily limited to, information on, and priorities relating to, each of the following:

(i) the provision of appropriate housing supports;

(ii) proposed measures to ensure that housing supports are delivered in a manner which promotes sustainable communities;

(iii) the quality, standards and condition of housing owned by the housing authority, and priorities for refurbishment;

(iv) plans for the regeneration of the administrative area concerned or any part of it;

(v) the policies of the housing authority relating to the management and maintenance of dwellings or sites owned or controlled by it.

(b) A housing authority shall comply with any direction given to it under paragraph (a).

(3) A housing services plan shall include the summary or summaries, prepared under section 21 , of the social housing assessments carried out in respect of the administrative area concerned.