European Parliament (Irish Constituency Members) Act 2009

Amendment of Houses of the Oireachtas Commission Act 2003.

7.— The Houses of the Oireachtas Commission Act 2003 is amended:

(a) in Schedule 1, by inserting after paragraph 7 the following:

“8. Any other expenses incurred by the Commission acting as paying agent under any agreement concluded with the European Parliament for the purpose of defrayal and recoupment of certain parliamentary expenses of members of that Parliament elected under the European Parliament Elections Act 1997 , or regarded under that Act as having been so elected.”,


(b) in Schedule 2, by substituting for paragraph 6 the following:

“6. Any other receipts obtained by the Commission in the performance of its functions except where they consist of—

(a) expenses paid by the Commission on behalf of its members and staff which have been recouped by it from them, or

(b) monies recouped by the Commission from the European Parliament under an agreement concluded under paragraph 8 of Schedule 1.”.