Financial Services (Deposit Guarantee Scheme) Act 2009


1.— In this Act—

“ Bank ” means the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland;

“ credit institution ” means—

(a) a credit union,

(b) a building society incorporated under the Building Societies Act 1989 (No. 17 of 1989), or deemed by section 124(2) of that Act to be so incorporated, that is authorised to accept deposits under section 27 of that Act, or

(c) a bank licensed under section 9 of the Central Bank Act 1971 (No. 24 of 1971);

“credit union” means a society registered as such under the Credit Union Act 1997 and includes a society deemed to be so registered by virtue of section 5(3) of that Act;

“Deposit Guarantee Regulations” means the European Communities (Deposit Guarantee Schemes) Regulations 1995 ( S.I. No. 168 of 1995 ) or any regulations replacing those regulations;

“ Directive ” means Directive 94/19/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 1994 on deposit guarantee schemes 1 or any directive amending or replacing that Directive;

“ eligible deposit ” has the same meaning as in the Deposit Guarantee Regulations;

“Minister” means the Minister for Finance.

1OJ No. L135, 31.5.1994, p.1