S.I. No. 63/2008 - Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) (Amendment) Regulations 2008

S.I. No. 63 of 2008


Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 11th March, 2008.

I, NOEL DEMPSEY, Minister for Transport, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 19 (as amended by section 47(1) of the Maritime Safety Act 2005 (No. 11 of 2005)) of the Merchant Shipping Act 1992 (No. 2 of 1992) and the Maritime Transport, Safety and Security (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order 2005 ( S.I. No. 842 of 2005 ), hereby make the following regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) (Amendment) Regulations 2008.

2. The definition of “suitable personal flotation device” in Regulation 2 of the Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) Regulations 2001 ( S.I. No. 586 of 2001 ), is amended by substituting for paragraph (c) the following:

“(c) which has on it either—

(i) the CE conformity marking consisting of the initials “CE” taking the form shown in the specimen in Annex IV of Council Directive 89/686/EEC of 21 December 1989 1 (as amended by Council Directive 93/68/EEC of 22 July 1993 2 and Directive 96/58/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 3 September 1996 3 ), or

(ii) the mark of conformity in the form of the symbol set out in Annex D to Council Directive 96/98/EC of 20 December 1996 4 .”.


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

29 February 2008


Minister for Transport.


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation)

These Regulations amend the Fishing Vessel (Personal Flotation Devices) Regulations, 2001 ( S.I. No. 586 of 2001 ), to update the criteria for the marked personal flotation device in these regulations.

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