Chemicals Act 2008

Prohibition on unauthorised disclosure of information.

28.— (1) A person shall not, save as otherwise provided for by law, disclose information obtained by him or her while performing functions as—

(a) a member or member of staff of a national authority,

(b) an inspector,

(c) a person (other than a member of staff of a national authority) appointed to carry out an investigation under section 18 ,

(d) a consultant or adviser to a national authority or a person employed by him or her,

unless he or she is duly authorised to so do by the national authority concerned.

(2) Subsection (1) shall not prevent the disclosure of information where that disclosure is—

(a) for the purpose of the discharge of functions under the relevant chemicals statutory provisions,

(b) made with the consent of the person to whom the information applies, or

(c) for the purposes of—

(i) any legal proceedings (including by means of a report to a coroner holding an inquest under the Coroners Acts 1962 and 2005 on the body of a person whose death may have been caused through personal injury), or

(ii) any investigation or special report under section 18 .