Water Services Act 2007

Implementation of a water services strategic plan or any revision thereof.

38.— (1) As soon as may be after a water services strategic plan has come into force, the water services authority concerned, or in the case of a joint plan, such water services authority as has been agreed by the relevant water services authorities, shall—

(a) transmit a copy of it to the Minister and to such persons as may be prescribed, in the prescribed manner, and

(b) publish, in the prescribed manner, notification of the making of the plan.

(2) A water services authority shall take such steps, including carrying out necessary works, as are appropriate and practicable to attain, in relation to its functional area, the objectives and provisions set out in a water services strategic plan in which it is concerned, which has been made by the authority.

(3) (a) A water services authority shall furnish to a person, on request and, if the authority so requires, on payment to it by the person of such reasonable fee as it may charge, a copy of, or extract from, the plan, within a period of 21 days of receipt by the authority of such request, or of payment of such fee as the authority may charge, whichever shall be the later.

(b) A document purporting to be a copy of a plan, or to be an extract from a plan, and to be certified under this subsection by an officer of a water services authority which made the plan as a true copy, shall be prima facie evidence of the plan or extract, as the case may be, and it shall not be necessary to prove the signature of such officer or that he or she was in fact an officer of the water services authority concerned.

(c) Evidence of a plan or of an extract from such plan may be given by production of a copy thereof certified pursuant to this subsection and it shall not be necessary to produce the plan itself.