Water Services Act 2007

Regulations for the purpose of section 105 .

106.— (1) The Minister may make regulations for the purpose of section 105 .

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may provide for all or any of the following:

(a) varied rates of unit charges to be applied in proportion to the volume of water supplied or the volume or strength of waste water discharged;

(b) fixing a minimum or maximum limit for charges;

(c) criteria for the achievement of full cost recovery;

(d) criteria for the allocation of charges among tenants in multi-occupancy premises;

(e) criteria for estimating elements of a charge subject to their subsequent adjustment, if necessary, and consequent offset from or addition to a future charge;

(f) criteria for the apportionment of the costs of water services provided to a household as between domestic and other purposes;

(g) criteria for deciding what level of provision may reasonably be regarded as necessary for the domestic purposes of a household;

(h) certification or provision of proof by a specified person that a particular premises is used as his or her principal place of residence;

(i) measures necessary to verify the volume of intake of water supply or the volume or strength of waste water discharges;

(j) procedures to be followed in relation to collection of charges under section 105 , including the appointment of an agent to collect such charges;

(k) the design and layout of related forms.