Medical Practitioners Act 2007

If immediate suspension of registration is necessary to protect public.

60.— (1) The Council may make an ex parte application to the Court for an order to suspend the registration of a registered medical practitioner, whether or not the practitioner is the subject of a complaint, if the Council considers that the suspension is necessary to protect the public until steps or further steps are taken under this Part and, if applicable, Parts 8 and 9.

(2) An application under subsection (1) shall be heard otherwise than in public unless the Court considers it appropriate to hear the application in public.

(3) The Court may determine an application under subsection (1) by—

(a) making any order it considers appropriate, including an order directing the Council to suspend the registration of the registered medical practitioner the subject of the application for the period specified in the order, and

(b) giving to the Council any direction that the Court considers appropriate.

(4) The Council shall, on complying with a direction of the Court given under subsection (3), give notice in writing to the medical practitioner concerned of the Council’s compliance with the direction.