Medical Practitioners Act 2007

Conditions attached to first registration.

53.— (1) A medical practitioner making an application for registration shall declare in the application whether the practitioner has any relevant medical disability.

(2) Where the Council is satisfied that—

(a) a medical practitioner making an application for registration has a relevant medical disability, and

(b) in the interests of public safety, registration should only be granted to the practitioner subject to conditions on the practising of medicine by the practitioner which take account of that disability,

the Council shall specify the conditions (in this section referred to as the “proposed conditions”) which, in the opinion of the Council, are necessary to be attached to the registration of the practitioner in those interests.

(3) Where the medical practitioner the subject of a decision under subsection (2) agrees in writing to the attachment of the proposed conditions to the practitioner’s registration, the Council shall register the practitioner and at the same time comply with section 43 (6) in respect of the conditions.