Medical Practitioners Act 2007

Power to specify forms.

107.— (1) The relevant body may specify the form of documents required for the purposes of this Act as the relevant body thinks fit.

(2) The relevant body’s power under subsection (1) may be exercised in such a way as to—

(a) include in the specified form of any document referred to in that subsection a statutory declaration—

(i) to be made by the person completing the form, and

(ii) as to whether the particulars contained in the form are true and correct to the best of that person’s knowledge and belief,


(b) specify two or more forms of any document referred to in that subsection, whether as alternatives, or to provide for particular circumstances or particular cases, as the relevant body thinks fit.

(3) A form specified under this section shall be—

(a) completed in accordance with such directions and instructions as are specified in the form,

(b) accompanied by such documents as are specified in the form, and

(c) if the completed form is required to be provided to—

(i) the relevant body,

(ii) another person on behalf of the relevant body, or

(iii) any other person,

so provided in the manner, if any, specified in the form.

(4) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the Council may—

(a) specify a form to be completed by a registered medical practitioner in connection with the payment by the practitioner of any fee determined under section 36 (1)(b),

(b) in that form, require the practitioner to supply the Council with such information that the practitioner would have to supply the Council if the practitioner were not registered but were seeking registration (including information about any relevant medical disability).

(5) In this section, “ relevant body ” means—

(a) subject to paragraph (b), the Council,

(b) in relation to a function under this Act performed by a section 20 (2) committee, that committee.