Health Act 2007

Arrangements with Executive.

45.— (1) The Minister, by written direction, may require the Executive to carry out inspections of—

(a) children’s residential centres, as defined in section 2(1) of the Child Care Act 1991 , which are provided in accordance with section 38(1) of that Act, or

(b) nursing homes as defined in section 2 of the Health (Nursing Homes) Act 1990 .

(2) The Executive in acting under this section acts on behalf of the chief inspector and in acting on that behalf has the same powers and duties as the chief inspector has in carrying out inspections under this Act.

(3) An inspection under this section must be carried out by the Executive in the manner specified by the chief inspector and in accordance with the regulations and any standards which may be set by the Authority.

(4) The chief inspector may require the Executive to provide the chief inspector with any information the chief inspector needs in relation to an inspection or proposed inspection under this section.

(5) Expenses incurred by the Executive in carrying out functions in accordance with this section shall be paid from money provided by the Oireachtas to the Executive.