Pharmacy Act 2007

Notification of sanctions, etc., to Minister.

56.— (1) The Council shall notify the Minister as soon as practicable of—

(a) the cancellation of a registration,

(b) the restoration of a registration,

(c) the suspension of a registration,

(d) the expiry of a suspension,

(e) the attachment of conditions to a registration,

(f) the removal of conditions from a registration,

(g) the prohibition for a specified period of a pharmacist or pharmacy owner from applying for restoration to the register,

(h) the admonishment or censure of a registered pharmacist or pharmacy owner.

(2) If it comes to the Council’s attention that, under the law of a state other than the State, any action corresponding to one referred to in subsection (1) has been taken in relation to a pharmacist, retail pharmacy business or pharmacy owner, the Council shall notify the Minister of that fact.

(3) If, in the case of a pharmacist who is an employee—

(a) the Court or the Council has taken any action specified in subsection (1), or

(b) it has come to the Council’s attention that any corresponding action of the kind referred to in subsection (2) has been taken in respect of the pharmacist,

and the Council knows who the employer of the pharmacist is, it shall notify the employer of that fact.