Pharmacy Act 2007

Maintenance and correction of registers.

22.— (1) It is the duty of the Council to ensure that the registers are accurate.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) the Council shall—

(a) make any alteration requiring to be made in the information contained in an entry,

(b) correct typographical and similar errors.

(3) The Council shall, as soon as practicable after doing anything under subsections (1) and (2), give notice in writing of that fact to the person to whom the cancellation, correction or other change relates or, as the case may be, that person’s next of kin.

(4) A person to whom an entry in a register relates shall notify the Council in writing of—

(a) any error that the person knows of in that entry, or

(b) any change of circumstances that is likely to have a bearing on the accuracy of the entry,

as soon as may be after the person becomes aware of that error or change in circumstances.