Consumer Protection Act 2007


13.— (1) The Agency may establish committees—

(a) to assist and advise the Agency on matters relating to any of its functions or on such matters as the Agency may from time to time determine, or

(b) to perform such functions of the Agency as may be delegated by it from time to time.

(2) A committee shall consist of a chairperson and such number of other members as the Agency may determine and may include persons who are not members of the Agency or of its staff.

(3) The chairperson and other members of a committee shall be appointed by the Agency.

(4) The Agency, when appointing a member of a committee, shall—

(a) have regard to the range of qualifications and experience necessary for the proper and effective discharge of the functions of the committee,

(b) have regard to the desirability of an equitable balance between men and women in the composition of the committee,

(c) fix the member’s period of membership, and

(d) fix the terms of his or her membership.

(5) The members of a committee may be paid by the Agency such fees as the Agency may determine, subject to the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance.

(6) A member of a committee may be removed at any time from membership of the committee by the Agency.

(7) The Agency may at any time dissolve a committee.

(8) The Agency may regulate the procedure and business of a committee but, subject to any such regulation, a committee may regulate its own procedure and business.

(9) A committee may act notwithstanding a vacancy or vacancies in its membership.