British-Irish Agreement (Amendment) Act 2005

Amendment of Principal Act.

2.—The Principal Act is amended by—

(a) substituting the following section for section 53:

“Application of section 13 of Statute of Limitations 1957.

53.—A Body shall be deemed to be a State authority for the purposes of section 13 of the Statute of Limitations 1957.”,


(b) inserting the following section:

“Acquisition of fee simple from Body.

53A.—(1) The Act of 1978 shall not bind a Body.

(2) A person who, but for subsection (1), would be entitled to acquire the fee simple of a dwellinghouse under the Act of 1978 from a Body, shall, notwithstanding that subsection, be entitled to acquire that fee simple except where the Body concerned is satisfied that such acquisition would not be in the public interest and certifies that it is so satisfied.

(3) In this section ‘Act of 1978’ means the Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) (No. 2) Act 1978 .”.