Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2005

Amendment of section 59 of Principal Act.

33.—Section 59 of the Principal Act (amended by section 42 of the Act of 2002) is amended—

(a) by substituting the following for paragraph (b) of subsection (1):

“(b) to provide for the proper investment of the resources of the scheme in accordance with regulations and, subject to those regulations and subsection (2), in accordance with the rules of the scheme;”,


(b) by inserting the following after subsection (1):

“(1A) The regulations referred to in subsection (1)(b) shall prescribe rules which shall be adhered to by the trustees of a scheme in providing for the proper investment of the resources of the scheme, in particular, in accordance with paragraph (1) of Article 18 of the Directive.

(1B) Trustees of a scheme, other than a small scheme, shall, subject to subsection (1C)—

(a) prepare and maintain a written statement of the investment policy principles applied to the resources of the scheme,

(b) review the statement at least every 3 years, and

(c) revise the statement at any time following any change in investment policy which is inconsistent with the statement.

(1C) The statement referred in subsection (1B) shall include the prescribed matters and shall be prepared and maintained in the form and manner that may be prescribed.”.