Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005

Complaints about conduct or competence of registrants.

52.—(1) A complaint may be made to the Council concerning a registrant on the grounds of—

(a) professional misconduct,

(b) poor professional performance,

(c) impairment of the registrant's ability to practise the designated profession concerned because of a physical or mental ailment, an emotional disturbance or an addiction to alcohol or drugs,

(d) a failure to comply with a term or condition of registration imposed under this Part,

(e) a failure to comply with an undertaking or to take any action specified in a consent given in response to a request under section 61 ,

(f) a contravention of this Act, the rules or bye-laws, or

(g) a conviction in the State for an offence triable on indictment or a conviction outside the State for an offence consisting of acts or omissions that, if done or made in the State, would constitute an offence triable on indictment.

(2) A complaint may be made under subsection (1) on the grounds of professional misconduct or poor professional performance even though the matter to which the complaint relates occurred outside the State.

(3) The complaint must be in writing or in any other form acceptable to the Council and it may be made by or on behalf of any person or by a registration board.

(4) The Council shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that the complainant is kept informed of all decisions made under this Part by the Council or a committee in relation to a complaint and that complaints are processed in a timely manner.