Health and Social Care Professionals Act 2005

Object, functions and powers of registration boards.

27.—(1) The object of the registration board of a designated profession is to protect the public by fostering high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training and competence among registrants of that profession.

(2) A registration board shall do all things necessary and reasonable to further its object and shall exercise its powers and perform its functions in the public interest.

(3) Without limiting its responsibilities under subsection (2), the functions of the registration board of a designated profession are to—

(a) establish and maintain a register of members of the designated profession,

(b) issue certificates of registration under section 41 ,

(c) give guidance to registrants concerning ethical conduct and give guidance and support to them concerning the practice of the designated profession and continuing professional development,

(d) monitor, in accordance with section 49 , the continuing suitability of programmes approved by the board for the education and training of applicants for registration, and

(e) make recommendations under Part 6 with respect to sanctions to be imposed on registrants of the designated profession.

(4) The registration board of a designated profession has power to do anything that appears to it to be requisite, advantageous or incidental to, or to facilitate, the performance of its functions under this Act and it may, with the Council's approval—

(a) engage in research into education and training relating to the practice of the designated profession, including the formulation of experimental curricula and the evaluation of existing programmes and examination and assessment procedures, and

(b) maintain statistical records and make those records available for research and planning.