Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Chapter 5

Optional Contributors and Optional Contributions

Optional contributors and optional contributions.

[1993 (No. 2) s4]

28.—(1) A person engaged in share fishing shall, subject to the conditions that may be prescribed, be entitled to opt to become an insured person (“optional contributor”) paying contributions under this Chapter (“optional contributions”) which shall be payable in each contribution year with effect from the contribution year ending on 5 April 1994 at the time and in the manner that may be prescribed.

[1993 (No. 2) s4]

(2) An optional contributor ceases to be an optional contributor where he or she—

(a) ceases to be a person engaged in share fishing,

(b) ceases to be a self-employed contributor, or

(c) fails, in any contribution year, to pay an optional contribution which by virtue of being an optional contributor, he or she is liable to pay.