Social Welfare Consolidation Act 2005

Public service card.

[1998 s14(1)]

263.—(1) The Minister may issue a card (in this Act referred to as a “public service card”) to a person in the format that the Minister deems fit, with—

(a) the person’s name, personal public service number, primary account number and date of issue inscribed, and

(b) the person’s date of birth, gender, primary account number, expiry date of card and card service code electronically encoded,

on the card and with any other information that may be prescribed either inscribed or electronically encoded on the card.

[1998 s14(1)]

(2) A person may, on request in that behalf to the Minister, obtain within 28 days of that request, where practicable, information which is electronically encoded on his or her public service card.

[1998 s14(1)]

(3) A person shall produce his or her public service card at the request of a specified body for the purposes of a transaction.

[1998 s14(1)]

(4) A person who uses or attempts to use a public service card or seeks to have a public service card produced to him or her, other than—

(a) the person who is the holder of the card or a person appointed to act on behalf of the cardholder,

(b) a specified body, for the purposes of a transaction, or

(c) a person who has a transaction with a specified body where the personal public service number on the card is relevant to the transaction between that person and the specified body,

is guilty of an offence.