Adoptive Leave Act 2005

Amendment of section 8 of Principal Act.

4.—Section 8 (entitlement of employed adopting mother or sole male adopter to additional adoptive leave) (amended, as to the maximum period of additional adoptive leave, by Article 5 of the Order of 2001) of the Principal Act is amended by substituting the following subsection for subsection (1):

“(1) (a) Subject to this Part, an employed adopting mother (or sole male adopter) who is entitled to, or is on, adoptive leave shall, on request, be entitled to further leave (to be known as ‘additional adoptive leave’) from the employee's employment.

(b) The additional adoptive leave shall commence immediately after the adoptive leave and be for a maximum period of 8 weeks.

(c) The maximum period may be extended by order made by the Minister.”.