Interpretation Act 2005

Citation and references to amended enactments.

14.—(1) An Act may be cited in any enactment or other document—

(a) by the long title or short title of the Act,

(b) where appropriate, by the consecutive number of the Act in the calendar year and by the calendar year in which it was passed, or

(c) where the Act was passed prior to the enactment of the Constitution of the Irish Free State (Saorstát Eireann) Act 1922, by its regnal year and chapter number and, where there was more than one parliamentary session in the same regnal year, by reference to the session concerned.

(2) A citation of or a reference to an enactment shall be read as a citation of or reference to the enactment as amended (including as amended by way of extension, application, adaptation or other modification of the enactment), whether the amendment is made before, on or after the date on which the provision containing the citation or reference came into operation.

(3) In citing—

(a) an Act by its short title, or

(b) any other enactment by its citation (if any),

a comma immediately before a reference to a year and a comma immediately after such a reference that is not required for the purpose of punctuation may be omitted.