Garda Síochána Act 2005

Provision of police services for certain events, etc.

30.— (1) At the request of a person, the Garda Commissioner may provide and charge for police services for events on private property or in areas open to the public or, subject to the regulations, for police services of a kind described in subsection (3), if—

(a) it is in the public interest and consistent with the functions of the Garda Síochána to provide the services, and

(b) the Commissioner is satisfied that the person has paid or will pay to the Commissioner the charges for the services.

(2) The following are examples of the types of events for which police services may be provided under this section:

(a) sports fixtures;

(b) concerts;

(c) festivals and exhibitions;

(d) meetings and conferences;

(e) the making of films, videos, television programmes and advertisements;

(f) appearances by individuals or groups of individuals likely to attract large numbers of people.

(3) Police services relating to the protection, whether by means of police escorts or otherwise, of persons or property at risk of harm while in transit within the State may be provided under this section, but only in the circumstances and to the extent authorised by regulation under section 122 (1)(o).

(4) Subject to any regulation under section 122 (1)(p), the Garda Commissioner may set charges for police services provided under this section that are sufficient to cover the costs of providing those services.

(5) The Public Offices Fees Act 1879 does not apply to any charges payable under this section.

(6) The Garda Commissioner may recover as a simple contract debt in any court of competent jurisdiction, from the person by whom it is payable, any amount due under this section.