Civil Service Regulation (Amendment) Act 2005


Public Service Superannuation

Public Service Superannuation.

33.—(1) The Superannuation (Prison Officers) Act 1919 is amended in section 1(1)(a) by substituting “as the age on retirement at which” for “as the age of retirement which”.

(2) The Public Service Superannuation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2004 is amended—

(a) in section 10 by substituting for subsection (6) the following:

“(6) Nothing in this section shall affect any provision by or under any enactment or public service pension scheme which provides for the award of superannuation benefits at an age earlier than that specified in this section or in the amendments provided for by Part 2 of Schedule 2—

(a) on grounds of ill health, or

(b) where it is provided for by the provisions of a public service pension scheme, on 31 March 2004, in the case of compulsory cesser of office or position before 65 years of age, or

(c) for any other specified purpose under any enactment or public service pension scheme that applies to a new entrant and is approved by the relevant Minister and the Minister after 31 March 2004.”,


(b) in Schedule 1—

(i) by inserting after paragraph 9 the following:

“9A. EirGrid.”,

(ii) in paragraph 20 by substituting for “relates, including a subsidiary of any subsidiary.” the following: