Civil Service Regulation (Amendment) Act 2005


Additional Functions of Director of Public Prosecutions

Amendment of section 6 of Ministers and Secretaries Act 1924.

28.Section 6 of the Ministers and Secretaries Act 1924 is amended by the insertion of the following subsections after subsection (1):

“(1A) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section the administration and control of the business, powers, authorities, duties and functions, vested in or exercised by the Attorney General by virtue of subsection (1) of this section as relate to local State Solicitors are transferred to the Director of Public Prosecutions (established by the Prosecution of Offences Act 1974 ).

(1B) Nothing in subsection (1A) shall affect the operation of any contract or agreement in force at the time of coming into operation of that subsection.”.