Air Navigation and Transport (Indemnities) Act 2005

Suspension and termination of indemnities.

14.—(1) Subject to subsection (2) the Minister may at any time suspend or terminate—

(a) with immediate effect, or

(b) with effect from a time and date specified therein,

the operation of a Ministerial indemnity.

(2) Suspension or termination of the operation of an indemnity pursuant to subsection (1) shall not take effect in relation to an aircraft in flight until the aircraft has landed and taxied to a standstill.

(3) In relation to an aircraft to which subsection (2) applies, the air navigation undertaking concerned shall avail of every opportunity possible to land the aircraft concerned at the nearest suitable airport upon being made aware of the termination of the indemnity concerned.

(4) Notwithstanding subsection (3), the Minister may, at the absolute discretion of the Minister, and at the request of the air navigation undertaking concerned, agree to the landing of an aircraft referred to in subsection (3) at an airport other than the nearest suitable airport, subject to such conditions as the Minister considers appropriate.

(5) Notice of suspension or termination of the operation of a Ministerial indemnity may be given in writing, by telephone, fax, electronic mail or in such other manner as may to the Minister appear effective.

(6) Suspension or termination of a Ministerial indemnity shall not take effect earlier than—

(a) 1 hour after notice of termination or suspension is issued by the Minister, or

(b) the time such notice is received by the air navigation undertaking concerned,

whichever shall occur first.