Investment Funds, Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2005

Assets of common contractual funds.

16.—(1) The assets of a common contractual fund shall belong exclusively to the common contractual fund and the assets shall be entrusted to a custodian for safe-keeping in accordance with conditions imposed by the Bank under section 10 .

(2) Where a common contractual fund is established as an umbrella fund, the assets shall belong exclusively to the relevant sub-fund and shall not be used to discharge directly or indirectly the liabilities of, or claims against, any other sub-fund and shall not be available for any such purpose.

(3) The liabilities of a unit-holder, as such a holder, shall be limited to the amount agreed to be contributed by him or her for the subscription of units.

(4) The provisions of the deed of constitution shall be binding on the unit-holder and all persons claiming through the unit-holder as if such persons had been party to the deed.