Investment Funds, Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2005

Refusal of authorisation.

11.—(1) Where the Bank decides to refuse authorisation of a common contractual fund, it shall notify the management company and the custodian of the common contractual fund of its decision and of the reasons therefor.

(2) The management company may apply to the High Court for a review of the decision in accordance with Regulation 105 of the UCITS Regulations (as applied by section 18 ).

(3) The management company shall have the same right to apply to the High Court as in subsection (2) if a decision on authorisation under section 8 has not been taken by the Bank within 6 months of the submission of an application for authorisation which includes the information (other than any additional information sought by the Bank) specified by the Bank under section 8 (2).