Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Medical examinations.

63.—(1) The Authority or a person prescribed under section 33 may designate in writing any person, including an inspector, who is a registered medical practitioner to receive any notice, report or certificate required by any of the relevant statutory provisions to be sent to the Authority or a person prescribed under section 33 by a registered medical practitioner, and any person so designated may—

(a) invite any person who, in his or her opinion, either has been or may be exposed in the course of his or her work to any risk of personal injury or other danger to his or her health, and

(b) for the purpose of comparing with that of other persons the state of health of persons employed in different places of work or specified places of work or in different places in the same place of work, invite any person,

to provide biological samples or to be examined medically, or both, at such place as the person so designated shall designate, either by him or her or on his or her behalf or by or on behalf of such other registered medical practitioner as he or she shall specify.

(2) References in the relevant statutory provisions to “occupational medical adviser” shall be read as references to persons designated under this section.