Health Act 2004

Assistance for certain bodies.

39.—(1) The Executive may, subject to any directions given by the Minister under section 10 and on such terms and conditions as it sees fit to impose, give assistance to any person or body that provides or proposes to provide a service similar or ancillary to a service that the Executive may provide.

(2) Assistance may be provided under this section in any of the following ways:

(a) by contributing to the expenses incurred by the person or body;

(b) by permitting the use by the person or body of premises maintained by the Executive and, where requisite, executing alterations and repairs to and supplying furniture and fittings for such premises;

(c) by providing premises (with all requisite furniture and fittings) for use by the person or body.

(3) Assistance may be provided to a person under this section whether or not the person is a service provider.