Civil Registration Act 2004

Registration, or alteration, of forename of child.

25.—(1) Any registrar shall, on application to him or her in writing, in a form standing approved by an tArd-Chláraitheoir or a form to the like effect, by the parents, the surviving parent or the guardian of a child whose birth has been registered, on production to that registrar of such evidence as appears to him or her to be satisfactory and on payment to that registrar of the prescribed fee—

(a) if the forename of the child has been registered, change or alter the forename in the entry in the register or add a forename or forenames to the entry, or

(b) if the forename of the child has not been registered, register the forename of the child.

(2) Where a forename is changed, altered or registered or one or more forenames are added under subsection (1), the then existing entry concerned shall be retained in the register, the change, alteration, registration or addition shall be deemed for all purposes to be and always to have been part of the original entry and the forename or forenames in the register may not be further changed, altered or added to.