Commissions of Investigation Act 2004

Commissions' evidence and documents to be available to tribunals.

45.—(1) If a tribunal is established to inquire into a matter all or part of which was within a commission's terms of reference, all evidence received by and all documents created by or for the commission relating to the matter or that part of the matter shall, at the request of any member of the tribunal, be made available to it by—

(a) the specified Minister, if the commission has been dissolved, or

(b) the commission, if not already dissolved.

(2) Nothing in this section prevents a commission whose terms of reference are amended under section 44 (2) from retaining copies of any evidence or documents made available by it to a tribunal of inquiry.

(3) Evidence that is received by a commission in accordance with this Act or with its rules and procedures and that is made available to a tribunal under subsection (1) is deemed to have been received as evidence by the tribunal in accordance with the Tribunals of Inquiries (Evidence) Acts 1921 to 2004.