Commissions of Investigation Act 2004

Publication of final and interim reports.

38.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), the specified Minister—

(a) shall cause a commission's final report to be published as soon as possible after it is submitted to him or her, and

(b) may, at his or her discretion and following consultations with the chairperson or, if the commission consists of only one member, with the sole member, cause an interim report to be published, unless publication would hinder or impair the commission's investigation.

(2) If the specified Minister considers that the publication of the final report or an interim report of the commission might prejudice any criminal proceedings that are pending or in progress, he or she shall apply to the Court for directions concerning the publication of the report.

(3) Before determining an application under subsection (2) in respect of a report of a commission, the Court shall direct that notice be given to the following:

(a) the Attorney General;

(b) the Director of Public Prosecutions;

(c) a person who is a defendant in criminal proceedings relating to an act or omission that is mentioned in the report or that is related to any matter investigated by the commission and mentioned in the report.

(4) On an application under subsection (2), the Court may—

(a) receive submissions, and evidence tendered, by or on behalf of any person mentioned in subsection (3), and

(b) hear the application in private if the Court considers it appropriate to do so.

(5) If, after hearing the application, the Court considers that the publication of the report might prejudice any criminal proceedings, it may direct that the report or a specified part of it be not published—

(a) for a specified period, or

(b) until the Court otherwise directs.