Commissions of Investigation Act 2004


Other Powers Relating to Investigations

Persons authorised to exercise powers of entry, inspection, etc.

26.—(1) In relation to a commission, the following are authorised persons for the purposes of this Part:

(a) any member of the commission;

(b) any person appointed under section 8 and authorised by the commission in writing to exercise the powers given under section 28 to authorised persons.

(2) Persons appointed under section 8 may be authorised by a commission to exercise the powers given by this section in respect of a specified matter or event or generally for the purposes of the investigation.

(3) The commission shall provide each authorised person with a warrant identifying the person and indicating that he or she has authority to exercise the powers given under section 28 .

(4) When exercising powers under section 28 , an authorised person shall, if requested by anyone affected, produce the warrant for inspection.