National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004

Amendment of section 23 (report of discovery of archaeological objects) of Principal Act.

6.—Section 23 of the Principal Act (as amended by section 19 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act 1994 ) is amended by substituting the following for subsection (9):

“(9) This section shall not apply—

(a) to any person who discovers an archaeological object under and in pursuance of—

(i) a consent granted under section 14 of this Act, including any consent to which directions under section 14A of this Act relate,

(ii) a direction under section 14B,

(iii) a consent granted under section 14C,

(iv) a licence issued under section 26 of this Act, or

(v) an approved road development under either or both sections 49 and 51 of the Roads Act 1993 ,


(b) to a person exempt from having such a licence.”.