National Monuments (Amendment) Act 2004


Section 5 .

Text of Schedule 6 to the Planning and Development Regulations 2001


Article 94

1. (a) A description of the proposed development comprising information on the site, design and size of the proposed development.

(b) A description of the measures envisaged in order to avoid, reduce and, if possible, remedy significant adverse effects.

(c) The date required to identify and assess the main effects which the proposed development is likely to have on the environment.

(d) An outline of the main alternatives studied by the developer and an indication of the main reasons for his or her choice, taking into account the effects on the environment.

2. Further information, by way of explanation or amplification of the information referred to in paragraph 1, on the following matters:

(a) (i) a description of the physical characteristics of the whole proposed development and the land-use requirements during the construction and operational phases;

(ii) a description of the main characteristics of the production processes, for instance, nature and quantity of the materials used;

(iii) an estimate, by type and quantity, of expected residues and emissions (including water, air and soil pollution, noise, vibration, light, heat and radiation) resulting from the operation of the proposed development;

 (b) a description of the aspects of the environment likely to be significantly affected by the proposed development, including in particular:

—  human beings, fauna and flora,

—  soil, water, air, climatic factors and the landscape,

—  material assets, including the architectural and archaeological heritage, and the cultural heritage,

—  the inter-relationship between the above factors;

(c) a description of the likely significant effects (including direct, indirect, secondary, cumulative, short, medium and long-term, permanent and temporary, positive and negative) of the proposed development on the environment resulting from:

—  the existence of the proposed development,

—  the use of natural resources,

—  the emission of pollutants, the creation of nuisances and the elimination of waste,

and a description of the forecasting methods used to assess the effects on the environment;

(d) an indication of any difficulties (technical deficiencies or lack of know-how) encountered by the developer in compiling the required information.