Immigration Act 2004


Particulars to be furnished on registration

Section 9 .

1. Name in full and sex.

2. Present nationality and how and when acquired and previous nationality (if any).

3. Date and place of birth.

4. Profession or occupation.

5. Date, place and mode of arrival in the State.

6. Address of residence in the State.

7. Address of last residence outside the State.

8. Photograph of the non-national (which, if not furnished by the non-national, may be taken by the registration officer).

9. If in government service, the service concerned, nature and duration of service, and rank and appointments held.

10. Particulars of passport or other document establishing nationality and identity.

11. Signature (which, if required, shall be in the characters of the language of the non-national's nationality) and fingerprints if required by the registration officer.

12. Any other matter of which particulars are required by the registration officer.