S.I. No. 320/2003 - European Communities (Labelling of Fishery and Aquaculture Products) Regulations 2003

I, Dermot Ahern, Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 3 of the European Communities Act 1972 (No. 27 of 1972) and for purpose of giving effect to Article 4 of Council Regulation No. 104/2000(EC)1 of 17 December 1999 and to Commission Regulation No. 2065/2001(EC)2 of 22 October 2001, hereby make the following Regulations:

1.         These Regulations may be cited as the European Communities (Labelling of Fishery and Aquaculture Products) Regulations 2003.

2.         These Regulations come into operation on 22 July 2003.

3.         (1)In these Regulations unless the context otherwise requires

“authorised officer” means one or more of the following;

(i)       a person authorised in writing by the Minister,

(ii)      an authorised officer under the Regulations of 2002;

“Commission Regulation of 2001” means Commission Regulation 2065/2001(EC), laying down detailed rules for the application of the Council Regulation of 2002 as regards informing consumers about fishery and aquaculture products, as may be amended or replaced by any Regulation directive or decision of the European Communities;

“Council Regulation of 2000” means Council Regulation No. 104/2000 (EC) on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture product as may be amended or replaced by any Regulation, directive or decision of the European Communities”;

“Minister” means the Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources;

“place on the market” includes to advertise, barter, offer or expose for sale by wholesale or retail, or have in possession for sale by wholesale or retail and invite to buy and cognate words shall be construed accordingly;

“product” means a fishery or aquaculture product;

“Regulations of 2002” means the European Communities (Labelling Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs) Regulations 2002 ( S.I. No. 483 of 2002 );

“third country” means a country other than a Member State of the European Communities.

(2)(a) A word or expression that is used in these Regulations and is also used in the Council Regulation of 2000 has, unless the contrary intention appears the same meaning in these Regulations as it has in that Council Regulation.

(b) A word or expression that is used in these Regulations and is also used in the Commission Regulation of 2001 has, unless the contrary intention appears the same meaning in these Regulations as it has in that Commission Regulation.

(3)(a) A reference to a Regulation or the Schedule is to a Regulation of, or the Schedule to, these Regulations, unless it is indicated that reference to some other enactment is intended.

(b) A reference to a paragraph or subparagraph is to the paragraph or subparagraph of the provision in which the reference occurs, unless it is indicated that reference to some other provision is intended.

4. These Regulations shall be deemed to be food legislation for the purposes of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland Act (No. 29 of 1998).

5. These Regulations do not apply to the direct sale to a consumer by a fisherman or aquaculture producer of a product which does not exceed €20 in value.

6.         (1) A person shall not place on the market any product to which Article 4 of the Council Regulation of 2000 and the Commission Regulation of 2001 apply unless it has complied with the conditions specified in the Council Regulation of 2000, the Commission Regulation of 2001 and the Regulations of 2002.

(2)(a) Subject to paragraph (b) a person shall not place on the market a product unless the information required by Article 8 of the Commission Regulation of 2001 is provided by means of labelling or packaging of the product or by means of a commercial document accompanying the product (including the invoice).

(b) In the case of a product offered or exposed for sale by retail, the required information shall be provided by means of labelling or packaging of the product.

(3) Products placed on the market or labelled prior to the commencement of these Regulations may continue to be placed on the market until stocks are exhausted.

(4) Subject to paragraph (3) a person who fails to comply with paragraph (1 or (2) is guilty of an offence.

7.         (1)     The list of commercial designations which the State is required to draw up and publish under Article 4.2 of the Council Regulation of 2000, is as set out, in the English language and in the Irish language, in the Schedule.

(2)(a) The Minister may, by statutory instrument, amend the Schedule as may be required from time to time.

(b) Any amendment made pursuant to paragraph (a) shall be published in Iris Oifigiúil as soon as may be after it is made.

(3)      In relation to a product included both in the Schedule (as may be so amended from time to time) and in a list published in the English language under Article 4.2 of the Council Regulation of 2000 having effect in another Member State, the commercial designation for that product in the list having effect in that other Member State shall be an alternative to the commercial designation for that product set out in the Schedule (as may be so amended).

8.         (1) The Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources is the competent authority for the purposes of Article 2 of the Commission Regulation of 2001.

            (2) The Department shall cause to be published by electronic means, capable of being read in legible form, a list of commercial designations in accordance with Article 4.2 of the Council Regulation of 2000 and details of any changes to that list from time to time, in accordance with Article 2.2 of the Commission Regulation of 2001.

9. In the case of a product farmed in more than one Member State or third country and sold to a consumer in the State, the Member States or third countries of origin shall be indicated pursuant to Article 5.1(c) of the Commission Regulation of 2001.

10.       (1) The Minister may appoint such and so many persons as he or she thinks fit to be authorised officers for the purposes of these Regulations.

(2) An authorised officer shall be furnished by the Minister, or by the chief executive of the relevant health board as the case may require, with a certificate of appointment as an authorised officer and when exercising any power conferred on an authorised officer by these Regulations shall, if so requested by any person, produce the certificate for the inspection of the person.

11.       (1) An authorised officer may, for the purposes of these Regulations:

(a) at all reasonable times, enter and inspect any premises in which the authorised officer has reasonable grounds for believing that any product is kept, sold or being produced,

(b) at all reasonable times, enter any railway wagon, vehicle, ship, vessel or aircraft in which the authorised officer has reasonable grounds for believing that any product is being transported for sale or kept for sale,

(c) require the owner or any person employed at the premises or any person in charge of the premises to give to the authorised officer such information in the person's power or control that the officer may reasonably require and to produce to the officer any records (in whatever form kept) or books or documents (including labels and fiches) in relation to any product found by or produced to the officer under this Regulation,

(d) at such premises, inspect and take copies of, or extracts from any books records or other documents (including in the case of information in non-legible form a copy of or extract from such information in permanent legible form),

(e) inspect and copy or extract information from any data (within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1988 (No. 25 of 1988)), found or produced to the officer under this Regulation,

(f) require any person, by or on whose behalf data equipment is or has been used on the premises in relation to the business of selling or marketing any product or any person having charge of, or otherwise concerned with the operation of, the data equipment or any associated apparatus or material, to afford the authorised officer all reasonable assistance in relation to its use thereto,

(g) carry out or have carried out such examinations, tests, inspections and checks of any product found there as the authorised officer reasonably considers necessary,

(h) take such samples of any product or of materials or articles used or intended for use in the manufacture or preparation of any product which the authorised officer finds in the course of his or her inspection,

(i) secure for later inspection the premises or any products found therein.

(2) (a) Where a sample is taken pursuant to this regulation, the authorised officer concerned shall divide the sample into not more than 4 approximately equal parts each of which the officer shall mark in such a way as to identify it as a part of the sample taken by the officer.

(b) Where an authorised officer takes a sample consisting of a product contained in unopened containers and the division into parts of the product -

(i) is not reasonably practicable, or

(ii) might affect the composition or impede the proper analysis of the contents the authorised officer shall divide the containers into not more than 4 lots each of which the officer shall mark in such a way as to identify it as a part of the sample taken by the officer.

(c) In proceedings for an offence under these regulations, the result of any test examination or analysis of, or report on, a sample taken pursuant to this regulation shall not be adduced unless before the proceedings were instituted one of the parts into which the sample was divided pursuant to this regulation was left with or transmitted to the defendant.

(5) A person who -

(a) obstructs or interferes with an authorised officer in the exercise of his or her powers under this Regulation, or

(b) without reasonable excuse, does not comply with a requirement of an authorised officer under this Regulation, or

(c) in purported compliance with a requirement referred to in paragraph (b) gives information to an authorised officer that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material respect,

is guilty of an offence.

(6) An authorised officer shall not, other than with the consent of the occupier, enter a private dwelling unless the officer has obtained a warrant from the District Court under Regulation 12 authorising such entry.

(7) An authorised officer, where he or she considers it necessary, may require a member of the Garda Síochána to assist the officer when performing any powers conferred on an authorised officer by this Regulation which involves the breaking open of any premises or any other action in which the use of force may be necessary and is lawful.

12. If a judge of the District Court is satisfied on the sworn information of an authorised officer that there are reasonable grounds for believing that there is any product or information relating thereto held on any premises which an authorised officer requires to inspect, the judge may issue a warrant authorising an authorised officer, accompanied if appropriate by other authorised officers or by a member or members of the Garda Síochána, at any time or times within one month from the date of issue of the warrant, on production of the warrant if so requested, to enter that premises, if need be by reasonable force and exercise all or any of the powers conferred on an authorised officer by Regulation 11.

13. If any person fraudulently -

(a) tampers with any product so as to procure that any sample of it taken under Regulation 11 does not correctly represent the products, or

(b) tampers or interferes with any sample taken under Regulation 11,

the person is guilty of an offence.

14. (1) An offence under these Regulations may be prosecuted by -

(a) the Minister, or

(b) a health board, in whose functional area the offence was committed.

(2) A person guilty of an offence under these Regulations is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding €3,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both.

15. (1) Where an offence under these Regulations is committed by a body corporate and is proved to have been committed with the consent, connivance or approval of, or to be attributable to any neglect on the part of any director manager, secretary or other officer of the body corporate or any other person who was purporting to act in any such capacity, that officer or person as well as the body corporate is guilty of an offence and is liable to be proceeded against and punished as if he or she were guilty of the first-mentioned offence.

(2) The owner or other person in charge of an operation to which these Regulations apply who fails to take all reasonable steps to secure the compliance of any person employed in, or any person admitted to the place where the operation concerned is undertaken, with these Regulations, is guilty of an offence.



The following table lists the commercial designations of fish and fishery products showing the scientific name, the name in the English language or the commercial name and the name in the Irish language.

The name of the individual species (e.g. atlantic salmon, pacific oyster etc.) must also be included where known.





Acanthocybium solandri


Acipenser baerii baerii

Siberian sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Siberia

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Danube sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Danube

Acipenser naccarii

Adriatic sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Adriatic

Acipenser oxyrhynchus oxyrhynchus

Atlantic sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Atlainteac

Acipenser ruthenus

Sterlet sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Sterlet

Acipenser stellatus

Starry sturgeon

Bradán Fearna Realtach

Acipenser sturio


Bradán Fearna

Alepocephalus bairdii

Baird's slickhead

Alepocephalus rostratus

Risso's smooth-head

Alopias pelagicus

Pelagic thresher


Alopias superciliosus

Bigeye thresher


Alopias vulpinus



Alosa spp.

Caspian shads


Amblyraja radiata

Starry ray

Roc Réaltach

Anarhichas denticulatus

Northern wolffish or Rock turbot

Cat Bog

Anarhichas lupus

Atlantic wolffish or Rock turbot

Cat Mara

Anarhichas minor

Spotted wolfish or Rock turbot

Cat Beag Mara

Aphanopus carbo

Black scabbardfish

Scabaird Dubh

Apristurus laurussonii

Iceland catshark

Cat Searc

Apristurus spp.

Deep-water catsharks

Cat Searc

Argentina silus

Greater argentine

Airginteach Mór

Argentina spp.




Sea catfish species

Cat Mara

Auxis rochei rochei

Bullet tuna, Frigate and bullet tunas


Auxis thazard thazard

Frigate tuna, Frigate and bullet tunas



Triggerfishes, durgon species


Bathyteuthis abyssicola

Deepsea squid

Máthair Shuigh


Alfonsino species

Beryx decadactylus


Beryx splendens

Splendid alfonsino

Beryx spp.

Alfonsino species

Boops boops


Brama brama

Atlantic pomfret

Garbhánach Rotha, Cailleach Rua

Brevoortia tyrannus

Atlantic menhaden

Brosme brosme

Tusk or Cusk


Calamus penna

Sheepshead porgy

Calamus spp.



Boarfish species


Capros aper



Centroberyx affinis


Centrophorus granulosus

Gulper shark


Centrophorus squamosus

Leafscale gulper shark


Centroscyllium fabricii

Black dogfish

Fiogach Dubh

Centroscyllium granulatum

Granular dogfish


Centroscymnus coelolepis

Portuguese dogfish or Siki Shark

Fiogach Portaingealach

Cetengraulis edentulous

Atlantic anchoveta

Cetengraulis mysticetus

Pacific anchoveta

Chelidonichthys cuculus

Red gurnard

Cnudan Dearg

Chelidonichthys kumu

Bluefin gurnard

Cnudan Gorm

Chelidonichthys lastoviza

Streaked gurnard

Cnudan Daithte

Chelidonichthys lucerna

Tub gurnard


Chelidonichthys obscurus

Longfin gurnard


Chelon labrosus

Thicklip grey mullet

Lannach, Glas, Millead

Chimaera monstrosa

Rabbit fish

Coinin Mara

Chrysoblephus spp.

Stumpnose or daggerhead bream species


Clupea harengus

Atlantic herring

Scadán Atlainteac

Clupea pallasii

Pacific herring

Scadan an Aigein Ciuin

Conger conger

European conger

Eascann Choncair

Coryphaenoides rupestris

Roundnose grenadier


Cyclopterus lumpus

Lumpfish or lumpsucker

Leasan Lice

Cynoscion spp.

Weakfish species

Dalatias licha

Kitefin shark


Deania calcea

Birdbeak dogfish


Deania spp.

Deania dogfish species


Dentex dentex

Common dentex


Dentex spp.

Dentex species


Dicentrarchus labrax

European seabass or Salmon bass

Bas Gheal

Dicentrarchus spp.

Seabass species or Salmon bass


Diplodus annularis

Annular seabream


Diplodus spp.

Sargo bream species


Dipturus batis

Blue skate

Sornan Gorm

Dipturus oxyrinchus

Longnosed skate

Sornan Na Sroine Fada

Engraulis anchoita

Argentine anchovy


Engraulis encrasicolus

European anchovy

Ainseabhai Na Heorpa

Engraulis japonicus

Japanese anchovy

Ainseabhai Seapanach

Engraulis mordax

Californian anchovy

Ainseabhai California

Engraulis ringens

Anchoveta(Peruvian anchovy)

Ainseabhai Peru

Engraulis spp.

Anchovy species


Epinephelus marginatus

Dusky grouper

Epinephelus spp.

Grouper species

Epinephelus tauvina

Greasy grouper

Etmopterus princeps

Great lanternshark

Etmopterus spinax

Velvet belly

Etmopterus spp.

Lanternshark species

Euthynnus affinis


Euthynnus alletteratus

Little tunny or Atlantic black skipjack

Tuinnin Beag

Euthynnus lineatus

Black skipjack

Tuinnin Dubh

Gadus macrocephalus

Pacific cod

Trosc An Aigein Ciuin

Gadus morhua

Atlantic cod or Cod

Trosc Atlainteach

Galeorhinus galeus

Tope shark or Tope


Galeus melastomus

Blackmouth catshark

Beal Dubh

Galeus murinus

Mouse catshark

Galeus spp.

Crest-tail catshark species

Gilchristella aestuarius

Gilchrist's round herring

Ginglymostoma spp.

Nurse shark species

Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

Witch flounder

Laethog Bhan


Grunt or Sweetlip species

Harengula spp.

Scaled sardines

Harpadon nehereus


Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus

Blackbelly rosefish

Hippoglossoides platessoides

American plaice or Long rough dab

Leathog America

Hippoglossus hippoglossus

Atlantic halibut


Hippoglossus stenolepis

Pacific halibut

Oileba An Aigean Ciuin

Hoplostethus atlanticus

Orange roughy

Iasc Garbh an Atlantaigh

Huso huso


Hydrolagus spp.

Ratfish species

Hypomesus spp.

Smelt species

Istiophorus albicans

Atlantic sailfish

Isurus oxyrinchus

Shortfin mako

Searc Mako

Isurus spp.

Mako sharks

Searc Mako

Katsuwonus pelamis

Skipjack tuna



Wrasses or Hogfish species


Labrus bergylta

Ballan wrasse


Labrus mixtus

Cuckoo wrasse


Lamna ditropis

Salmon shark

Lamna nasus



Lepidocybium flavobrunneum


Lepidopus caudatus

Silver scabbardfish

Scabaird Airgead

Lepidorhombus boscii

Four-spot megrim

Scoitean, Cuacha

Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis


Scoitean, Cuacha

Leucoraja circularis

Sandy ray

Roc Gainnimh

Leucoraja fullonica

Shagreen ray


Leucoraja naevus

Cuckoo ray

Roc Cuaiche

Limanda limanda

Common dab


Liopsetta glacialis

Arctic flounder

Leith Arctic

Liza aurata

Golden grey mullet


Liza ramada

Thinlip grey mullet


Lophius piscatorius

Anglerfish or Monkfish

Laimhineach, lascaire

Lophius spp.

Monkfish species

Laimhineach, lascaire

Lutjanus argentimaculatus

Mangrove red snapper

Lutjanus spp.

Snapper species

Luvarus imperialis




Grenadiers or rattail species


Macrourus berglax

Roughhead grenadier


Macrourus spp.

Grenadier species


Makaira indica

Black marlin

Makaira nigricans

Atlantic blue marlin

Mallotus villosus


Melanogrammus aeglefinus



Merlangius merlangus



Merluccius merluccius

European hake

Colmoir Eorpach

Micromesistius poutassou

Blue whiting or Poutassou

Faoitin Liath

Micropogonias spp.

Croaker species

Microstomus kitt

Lemon sole

Leathog Mhin

Mola mola

Ocean sunfish

Iasc Gréine

Molva dypterygia

Blue ling

Langa Gorm

Molva molva



Molva spp.

Ling species


Mora moro

Common mora

Mugil liza

Lebranche mullet


Mullus surmuletus

Red mullet

Millead Dearg



Mustelus asterias

Starry smooth-hound

Mustelus schmitti

Narrownose smooth-hound

Mustelus spp.

Smooth-hound species

Madra Glas

Myliobatis aquila

Common eagle ray

Roc lolair

Orcynopsis unicolor

Plain bonito


Osmerus eperlanus

European smelt

Osmerus spp.

Smelt species

Pagellus acarne

Axillary seabream


Pagellus bellottii

Red Pandora


Pagellus bogaraveo

Blackspot or Red seabream

Garbhánach Dearg

Pagellus erythrinus

Common pandora


Pagellus spp.

Pandora species


Pagrus spp.

Pargo bream species


Parophrys vetulus

English sole

Phrynorhombus norvegicus

Norwegian topknot

Phycis blennoides

Greater forkbeard

Colmoir Geabhlach Mor

Phycis phycis


Colmoir Geabhlach Mor

Phycis spp.

Forkbeard species

Colmoir Geabhlach Mor

Platichthys flesus

European flounder

Leith Bhan

Pleuronectes platessa

European plaice

Leathog Breac

Pollachius pollachius

Pollack, Pollock or White Pollock


Pollachius virens

Saithe, Pollock or Black Pollock

Glasan Mangach

Polyprion americanus


Breac Raice

Polyprion spp.


Breac Raice

Prionace glauca

Blue shark

Searc Gorm

Pseudoginglymostoma brevicaudatum

Short-tail nurse shark


Raja brachyura

Blonde ray

Roc Fionn

Raja clavata

Thornback ray

Roc Garbh

Raja montagui

Spotted ray

Roc Spotaithe

Raja spp.

Raja ray species


Raja stellulata

Starry skate

Roc Realtach

Raja undulata

Undulate ray


Reinhardtius hippoglossoides

Greenland halibut

Oileba Graonlannach

Rhinochimaera spp.

Knife-nosed chimaeras

Ruvettus pretiosus


Sarda orientalis

Striped bonito


Sarda sarda

Atlantic bonito

Bonaiteo Atlainteach

Sardina pilchardus

European pilchard or Sardine

Pilsear, Seirdin

Sardinella aurita

Round sardinella

Sardinella spp.

Sardinella species

Sardinops sagax

South American pilchard

Sairdín America Theas


Parrotfish species

Sciaena spp.

Meagre species


Croakers or Drum species

Scomber japonicus

Chub mackerel

Ronnach Seapanach

Scomber scombrus

Atlantic mackerel

Ronnach Atlainteach, Maicreal Atlainteach

Scomberesox saurus

Atlantic saury

Scomberomorus maculates

Atlantic Spanish mackerel

Scophtalmus maximus




Turbot species


Scophthalmus rhombus



Scyliorhinus canicula

Small-spotted catshark or Dogfish

Madra Breac

Sebastes marinus

Golden redfish

Peirse Dhomhainmhara

Sebastes mentella

Beaked redfish

Peirse Dhomhainmhara

Sebastes spp.

Atlantic redfish species

Peirse Dhomhainmhara

Sebastes viviparous

Norway redfish

Peirse Dhomhainmhara Norbhuioc

Serranus spp.

Combers nei

Solea lascaris

Sand sole

Sol Ghainimhe

Solea solea

Common sole or Black Sole

Sol Dubh, Leathog Dhub

Somniosus microcephalus

Greenland shark

Searc Grionlainne


Porgies or seabream species


Sparus auratus

Gilthead Bream


Sphyraena spp.

Barracuda species


Barracuda species

Sprattus sprattus

European sprat


Squalus acanthias

Picked dogfish or Spurdog

Fiogach Madra Iasc

Squalus melanurus

Blacktailed spurdog

Fiogach Dubh

Squatina squatina




Pufferfish species

Tetrapturus albidus

Atlantic white marlin

Tetrapturus audax

Striped marlin

Theragra chalcogramma

Alaska Pollock or Walleye pollock

Glasan Alaska

Thunnus alalunga


Tunnin Ban

Thunnus albacares

Yellowfin tuna

Tunnin Bui

Thunnus atlanticus

Blackfin tuna

Tunnin Dubh

Thunnus maccoyii

Southern bluefin tuna

Tuinnin an Deisceirt

Thunnus obesus

Bigeye tuna

Thunnus thynnus

Northern bluefin tuna

Tuinnin Gorm

Thunnus tonggol

Longtail tuna


Slimehead species

Trachurus mediterraneus

Mediterranean horse mackerel


Trachurus spp.

Jack and horse mackerel species


Trachurus trachurus

Atlantic horse mackerel

Bolman Atlainteach

Triakis semifasciata

Leopard shark

Trichiurus lepturus

Largehead hairtail

Trichiurus spp.

Hairtail species

Trigla lyra

Piper gurnard


Trigla spp.

Gurnard species


Tripterophycis gilchristi

Grenadier cod

Trisopterus esmarkii

Norway pout

Trisopterus luscus

Pouting or Bib

Troscan Sturoige

Trisopterus minutes

Poor cod

Troscan Sturoige

Umbrina spp.

Drum species

Urophycis tenuis

White hake

Xiphias gladius


Gobach, Lann lasc

Zenopsis conchifer

Silvery John dory

Deorai Geal

Zeugopterus punctatus


Zeus faber

John dory

Sean Deorai, Donnchadh na Sul Mor






Anguilla anguilla

European eel

Eascann Abhann

Anguilla spp.

River eel species

Eascann Abhann

Aristichthys nobilis

Bighead carp

Garbhanach Uisce Intire

Bagrus spp.

Naked catfishes

Cat-Uisci Intire

Channa argus argus


Channa barca

Barca snakehead

Channa micropeltes

Indonesian snakehead

Channa punctata

Spotted snakehead

Channa spp.

Snakeheads or Murrel species

Channa striata

Striped snakehead

Clarias batrachus

Philippine catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire Phillippineach

Clarias fuscus

Hong Kong catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire Hong Kong

Clarias gariepinus

Catfish, hybrid, North African catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire na hAifrice

Clarias macrocephalus

Catfish, hybrid, Bighead catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire

Clarias spp.

Torpedo-shaped catfish species

Cat-Uisci Intire

Coregonus albula


Coregonus lavaretus

European whitefish

Coregonus oxyrinchus


Coregonus pollan

Irish pollan

Coregonus spp.

Whitefish species

Ctenopharyngodon idellus

Grass carp or White amur


Cyprinid species

Esox lucius

Northern pike

Lius Gailliasc

Hucho hucho


Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Silver carp

Hypophthalmichthys spp.

Carp species

Ictalurus punctatus

Channel catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire

Ictalurus spp.

Catfish species

Cat-Uisci Intire

Lates niloticus

Nile perch

Peirse Nile

Lates spp.

Freshwater perch species

Peirse Uisce Intire

Oncorhynchus clarki

Cutthroat trout

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Pink or Humpback salmon

Bradan America Thuaidh

Oncorhynchus keta

Chum, Keta or Dog salmon

Bradan Keta

Oncorhynchus kisutch

Coho or Silver salmon

Bradan Coho

Oncorhynchus masou masou

Masu or Cherry salmon

Bradan Masu

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow trout


Oncorhynchus nerka

Sockeye or Red salmon

Bradan Sockeye

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Chinook, Spring or King salmon

Bradan Chinook


Tilapia species

Oreochromis aureus

Blue tilapia

Oreochromis macrochir macrochir

Longfin tilapia

Oreochromis mossambicus

Mozambique tilapia

Oreochromis niloticus niloticus

Nile tilapia

Perca fluviatilis

European perch

Péirse Eorpach

Salmo ferox

Ferox Trout

Breac Geal

Salmo salar

Atlantic salmon


Salmo trutta trutta

Sea trout

Breac Mhara

Salvelinus alpinus

Arctic char

Ruabhreac Artach

Salvelinus fontinalis

Brook trout


Salvelinus malma

Dolly varden


Salvelinus namaycush

Lake trout or Char

Rua Bhreac

Salvelinus spp.

Char species

Rua Bhreac

Sarotherodon melanotheron melanotheron

Blackchin tilapia


Freshwater siluroid species

Silurus glanis

Wels catfish

Cat-Uisci Intire

Tilapia mariae

Spotted tilapia

Tilapia rendalli

Redbreast tilapia

Tilapia sparrmanii

Banded tilapia

Tilapia spp.

Tilapia species

Tilapia zillii

Redbelly tilapia






Acanthocardia aculeate

Spiny cockle

Ruacan Garbh

Aequipecten opercularis

Queen scallop



Euro-American crayfish species

Astacus astacus

Noble crayfish

Buccinum undatum



Busycon spp.


Callinectes spp.

Swimcrab species

Cancer pagurus

Edible crab

Portan Dearg


Jonah crabs or rock crab species

Carcinus maenas

Green crab

Portán Glas

Cerastoderma edule

Common edible cockle


Cherax destructor

Yabby crayfish

Cherax quadricarinatus

Red claw crayfish

Crangon crangon

Common shrimp

Ribe Roibeis

Crangon spp.

Crangon shrimp species

Ribe Roibeis Crangon

Crassostrea gigas

Pacific cupped oyster

Oisre an Aigein Chiuin

Crassostrea spp.

Cupped oyster species

Oisre an Aigrin Chiuin

Dinocardium robustum

Giant atlantic cockle

Ruacan Mor Atlainteach

Dosinia exoleta

Rayed artemis

Echinus esculentus

European edible sea urchin

Cuan Mara

Eledone cirrhosa

Horned octopus

Eledone spp.

Horned and musky octopuses

Ensis arcuatus

Arched razor shell

Scian Mhara

Ensis directus

Atlantic jackknife or Atlantic razor clam

Scian Mhara

Ensis ensis

Pod razor shell

Scian Mhara

Ensis siliqua

Sword razor shell

Scian Mhara

Exopalaemon orientalis

Oriental prawn

Ribe Roibeis An Oirthir


Craylets or squat lobsters

Gliomach Galatheidae

Haliotis discus

Japanese abalone

Cluas Mhara Seapanach

Haliotis gigantean

Giant abalone

Cluas Mor Mhara

Haliotis spp.

Abalone species

Cluas Mhara

Haliotis tuberculata

Tuberculate abalone

Cluas Mhara


Sea cucumber species

Homarus americanus

American lobster

Gliomach America

Homarus gammarus

European lobster


Illex illecebrosus

Northern shortfin squid

Mathair Shuigh

Illex spp.

Shortfin squid species

Mathair Shuigh

Littorina littorea

Common periwinkle


Littorina spp.

Periwinkle species

Faocha Spp

Loligo spp.

Common squid species

Mathair Shuigh

Loligo vulgaris

European squid

Mathair Shuigh na hEorpa

Macrobrachium spp.

River prawn species

Ribe Roibeis na hAbhann

Macrobrachium vollenhovenii

African river prawn

Ribe Roibeis na hAbhann

Maja squinado

Spinous spider crab

Portan Faoilinne

Metapenaeus endeavouri

Endeavour shrimp

Metapenaeus joyneri

Shiba shrimp

Metapenaeus spp.

Metapenaeus shrimp species

Modiolus modiolus

Northern horse mussel

Duilicin Capall

Modiolus spp.

Horse mussels

Duilicin Capall

Mya arenaria

Sand gaper


Mya spp.



Mya truncata

Blunt gaper


Mytilus aoteanus

New Zealand blue mussel

Mytilus edulis

Blue mussel


Necora puber

Velvet swimcrab


Nephrops norvegicus

Dublin Bay Prawns, Norway lobster

Cloichean Bha Baile Atha Cliath

Octopus spp.

Octopus species


Octopus vulgaris

Common octopus



Various squid species

Mathair Shuidh

Ostrea edulis

European flat oyster

Oisre Edulis na hEorpa

Palaemon serratus

Common prawn



Spiny lobsters

Palinurus elephas

Common spiny lobster


Palinurus spp.

Palinurid spiny lobsters

Piardog Spp.

Pandalus borealis

Northern prawn

Ribe Roibeis Pandalus

Pandalus spp.

Pandalus shrimp species

Ribe Roibeis Pandalus

Panulirus spp.

Tropical spiny lobster species

Paracentrotus lividus

Stony sea urchin

Pecten maximus

Great Atlantic scallop

Muirin Mor

Penaeus aztecus

Northern brown shrimp

Penaeus brevirostris

Crystal shrimp

Penaeus chinensis

Fleshy prawn


Penaeus esculentus

Brown tiger prawn

Cloichean Tiogra

Penaeus indicus

Indian white prawn

Cloichean India

Penaeus japonicus

Kuruma prawn

Penaeus longistylus

Red-spot king prawn

Penaeus merguiensis

Banana prawn

Penaeus monodon

Giant tiger prawn

Cloichean Tiogra

Penaeus plebejus

Eastern king prawn

Cloichean an Oirthir

Penaeus semisulcatus

Green tiger prawn

Cloichean Tiogra

Penaeus setiferus

Northern white shrimp

Penaeus spp.

Penaeus shrimps

Cloichean Penaeus

Penaeus stylirostris

Blue shrimp

Penaeus vannamei

Whiteleg shrimp

Perna canaliculus

New Zealand mussel

Duilicin New Zealand

Perna perna

South American rock mussel

Perna viridis

Green mussel

Duilicin Glas

Portunus pelagicus

Blue swimming crab

Portunus spp.

Portunus swimcrab species

Procambarus clarkii

Red swamp crawfish

Psammechinus microtuberculatus

Green sea urchin

Ruditapes decussates

Grooved carpet shell

Breallach Leathchroise

Ruditapes philippinarum

Japanese carpet shell

Breallach Leathchroise Seapanach

Ruditapes spp.

Carpet shell species

Breallach Leathchroise

Scylla serrata

Indo-Pacific swamp crab


Slipper lobster species

Sepia officinalis

Common cuttlefish


Solen marginatus

European razor clam

Scian Mhara

Solen spp.

Razor clam species

Scian Mhara


Razor clam or knife clam species

Scian Mhara

Spisula solida

Solid surf clam

Breallach Spisula

Spisula solidissima

Atlantic surf clam

Breallach Spisula

Spisula spp.

Surf clam species

Squilla mantis

Spottail mantis squillid

Strombus spp.

Stromboid conch species

Tapes dorsatus

Turgid venus

Tellina spp.

Tellin species

Todarodes sagittatus

European flying squid

Tridacna gigas

Giant clam


Venus clam species

Breallach Venus

Venerupis pullastra

Pullet carpet shell

Breallach Venus

Caulerpa spp.

Caulerpa seaweeds


Green seaweeds

Enteromorpha clathrata

Bright green nori

Enteromorpha compressa

Flat green nori

Enteromorpha intestinalis

Hollow green nori

Enteromorpha linza

Welded green nori

Enteromorpha prolifera

Dark green nori

Gracilaria spp.

Gracilaria seaweeds

Halimeda tuna

Sea cactus

Laminaria digitata


Laminaria hyperborean

North European kelp

Laminaria japonica

Japanese kelp

Laminaria saccharina

Sea belt


Kelp species

Monostroma nitidum

Green laver


Brown seaweeds

Porphyra spp.

Nori species

Rana esculenta

European frog

Rana ridibunda

European green frog

Rana spp.


Rhopilema spp.


Spirulina spp.

Spirulina species

Spirulina subsalsa

Sea spirulina

Ulva lactuca

Sea lettuce

Undaria pinnatifida


Undaria spp.

Wakame species



Given under my Official Seal


21 July 2003




Dermot Ahern


Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation).

These Regulations give effect to Article 4 of Council Regulation No. 104/2000 (EC and Commission Regulation No. 2065/2001 (EC) laying down the conditions for informing consumers about fishery and aquaculture products.

(1) O.J.No.L 17, 21.1.2000 p.28

(2) O.J.No.L 278, 23.10.2001