S.I. No. 130/2003 - Competition Act 2002 (Section 34(11)) (Director of Consumer Affairs) Order 2003

I, Mary Harney, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 34 (11) of the Competition Act 2002 (No. 14 of 2002 hereby order as follows:

1.        This Order may be cited as the Competition Act 2002 (Section 34(11))(Director of Consumer Affairs) Order 2003.

2.        In this Order “Act of 2002” means the Competition Act 2002 (No. 14 of 2002).

3.        Schedule 1 to the Act of 2002 is amended, in columns (1) and (2), by inserting after the matters lastly mentioned in them “Director of Consumer Affairs” and “Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment”, respectively.


GIVEN under my Official Seal,

this 9th day of April, 2003.





Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.


(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation.)

Schedule 1 of the Competition Act, 2002 specifies the statutory bodies who are required to enter into cooperation agreements with the Competition Authority as provided for in section 34 of the Act. This Order adds the Director of Consumer Affairs to those bodies and requires the entering into of a cooperation agreement between the Director and the Competition Authority.

The Order is effective from the date of signature but may be annulled by a resolution of either House of the Oireachtas within 21 sitting days in either case.