Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003


20.—(1) In this section “assessment”, in relation to a relevant claim, means an assessment of the amount of damages the claimant is entitled to in respect of the claim on the assumption that the respondent or respondents are fully liable to the claimant in respect of the claim.

(2) An assessment of a relevant claim shall be made by such one or more of the employees of the Board for the time being assigned the performance of functions under this Chapter as the Board directs (in subsequent sections of this Part referred to as “assessors”).

(3) That employee or those employees may be assisted in the making of the assessment by one or more of the persons the services of whom are engaged by the Board under section 80 (in subsequent sections of this Part referred to as “retained experts”).

(4) An assessment shall be made on the same basis and by reference to the same principles governing the measure of damages in the law of tort and the same enactments as would be applicable in an assessment of damages were proceedings to be brought in relation to the relevant claim concerned.