European Arrest Warrant Act 2003

Multiple European arrest warrants.

29.—(1) Where the Central Authority in the State receives two or more European arrest warrants in respect of a person, neither of which or not all of which, as the case may be, have been issued by the same issuing state, the Central Authority in the State shall, where the High Court has not yet made an order under section 15 , or subsection (1) or (2) of section 16 , in relation to the person, inform the High Court as soon as may be of the receipt by it of those warrants and the High Court shall, having regard to all the circumstances, decide, in relation to which of those European arrest warrants it shall—

(a) perform functions under section 13 , or

(b) where it has already performed such functions in relation to one of those European arrest warrants, perform functions under section 15 or 16, as may be appropriate.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), the High Court shall in making a decision under subsection (1) have regard to—

(a) the seriousness of the offences specified in the European arrest warrants concerned,

(b) the places where the offences were committed or are alleged to have been committed,

(c) the dates on which the European arrest warrants were issued, and

(d) whether the European arrest warrants concerned were issued for the purposes of bringing proceedings for an offence against the person named in the warrants or for the purposes of executing a sentence or detention order in respect of the person.