European Arrest Warrant Act 2003

Surrender of person by issuing state to third state.

24.—(1) A person shall not be surrendered under this Act unless the issuing judicial authority gives an undertaking in writing that the person will not be extradited to a third state without the consent of the High Court and the Minister.

(2) The issuing judicial authority may request in writing the High Court to consent to the extradition to a third state by the issuing state of a person surrendered to the issuing state under this Act.

(3) The High Court shall not give its consent to a request under subsection (2) unless the extradition of the person concerned to the third state in respect of the offence concerned would be permitted under the Extradition Acts 1965 to 2001, were a request for such extradition to be received by the State from the third state.