Containment of Nuclear Weapons Act 2003

Privileged information and evidence.

11.—(1) Subject to this section, information and documents obtained pursuant to this Act or the Protocol are privileged.

(2) Information and documents are not privileged to the extent that they are required to be disclosed or communicated for the purposes of an emergency involving public safety.

(3) No person in possession of privileged information or documents shall knowingly, without the written consent of the person from whom they were obtained, communicate it or them or allow it or them to be communicated to any person, or allow any person to have access to it or them, except—

(a) for the purposes of the enforcement of this Act or of giving effect to the Protocol, or

(b) pursuant to an obligation of the State under the Protocol.

(4) Notwithstanding any other Act or law, no person is required, in connection with any legal proceedings, to produce any statement or other record containing privileged information or documents, or to give evidence relating to it or them, unless the proceedings relate to the enforcement of this Act.