Official Languages Act 2003

Amendment of schemes.

16.—(1) Where the Minister is satisfied that, owing to any change—

(a) in the functions of a public body, or

(b) in the circumstance in which such functions are performed,

it may be appropriate to amend any scheme in force in relation to it, he or she may, on his or her own initiative or on request by the public body concerned, by notice in writing to the public body propose amendments to the scheme.

(2) The Minister may, after consultation with such other persons, including such other (if any) Minister of the Government as the Minister considers ought to be consulted, and with the consent of the head of the public body concerned, amend a scheme in the manner proposed in any notice under subsection (1) or in such other manner as he or she considers appropriate in the circumstances, and the scheme shall have effect thereafter subject to any such amendments.

(3) The Minister shall forward to the Commissioner a copy of any scheme amended under this section.