Taxi Regulation Act 2003

Authorised persons.

49.—(1) The Commission may, after consultation with the Garda Commissioner, appoint in writing such and so many persons as it may determine to perform the functions conferred on authorised persons under this Part.

(2) The Commission may revoke an appointment under subsection (1).

(3) The number of authorised persons standing appointed under subsection (1) and their remuneration and other conditions of service shall be such as may be determined by the Commission with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance.

(4) A person appointed as an authorised person under subsection (1), shall, on his or her appointment, be furnished by the Commission with a warrant of his or her appointment and when exercising a power conferred on an authorised person under this Part shall, if requested by any person affected, produce the warrant to the person for inspection.

(5) For the purposes of ensuring that the holders of licences are complying with any regulations or requirements made under this Part with respect to licences granted under this Part or section 82 of the Act of 1961, an authorised person may—

(a) at any reasonable time, enter the premises or place where any activity connected with the provision of small public service vehicle services takes place, and search and inspect the premises and any licences or documents found there,

(b) in the presence of a member of the Garda Síochána in uniform, stop and search any small public service vehicle and any licence or documents found in the vehicle,

(c) secure for future inspection any premises, place or vehicles in which licences or documents relating to the provision of small public service vehicle services are kept or there are reasonable grounds for believing that such are kept,

(d) require a person in charge of the premises or the driver of the vehicle to produce any licence or documents relating to the provision of such services which are in the person's power and control and to give the authorised person such information as he or she may reasonably require for the purpose of enforcing this Part,

(e) inspect and take extracts from or make copies of such licences or documents (including in the case of information in a non-legible form, an extract from or copy of such information in permanent legible form),

(f) remove and retain such licences or documents for such reasonable period for future inspection,

(g) take photographs or make any record or visual recording of any activity on the premises or place or of the vehicle.

(6) A person who—

(a) obstructs or impedes an authorised person exercising a function of an authorised person under this section or a regulation made under section 34 or under section 82 of the Act of 1961,

(b) fails to comply with a requirement of an authorised person under this section or such regulations, or

(c) gives information to an authorised person which he or she knows to be false or misleading,

is guilty of an offence.

(7) In this Part “authorised person” means a person appointed by the Commission to be an authorised person for the purposes of this Part, or a member of the Garda Síochána.