Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2003

Submissions or observations by parties to appeal.

10.—(1) An Appeals Officer shall, as soon as practicable, after receiving a notice of appeal, give a copy to each other party to the appeal.

(2) The licensing authority and each other party except the appellant may make submissions or observations in writing to an Appeals Officer in relation to the appeal within a period of one month beginning on the day on which a copy of the notice of appeal is sent to that party by the Appeals Officer and any submissions or observations received by the Appeals Officer after the expiration of that period shall not be considered by him or her.

(3) Where no submissions or observations have been received from a party within the period referred to in subsection (2), an Appeals Officer may, without further notice to that party, determine the appeal.

(4) Without prejudice to section 12 (1), a party shall not be entitled to elaborate in writing on any submissions or observations made in accordance with subsection (2) or make any further submissions or observations in writing in relation to the appeal, and any such elaboration or further submissions or observations shall not be considered by an Appeals Officer.