Public Health (Tobacco) Act, 2002

Offences relating to sale by retail of tobacco products.

43.—(1) Subject to subsection (2), it shall be an offence for a person to sell a tobacco product by retail, or cause a tobacco product to be sold by retail, by means of self service.

(2) It shall be lawful for tobacco products to be sold by retail, in accordance with regulations made by the Minister, by means of a vending machine on licensed premises or the premises of a registered club by such persons, or by persons belonging to such classes of persons, as are specified in the regulations (being persons who are registered under section 37 in respect of the licensed premises concerned or the premises of the registered club concerned).

(3) A person registered under section 37 (other than a person to whom regulations under subsection (2) apply) shall ensure that tobacco products sold by him or her are kept in a closed container or dispenser that is not visible or accessible to any person other than the first-mentioned person, or a person employed by him or her in connection with the business of selling goods by retail while so employed.

(4) A person registered under section 37 shall ensure that—

(a) the registration number in respect of him or her is affixed to the container, dispenser or vending machine, as the case may be,

(b) subject to paragraph (c) and the European Communities (Requirements to Indicate Product Prices) Regulations, 2001 ( S.I. No. 422 of 2001 )—

(i) no notice, sign or display shall be displayed, and

(ii) no leaflet, circular, pamphlet or brochure shall be issued to the public or given to a purchaser of a product,

at any place, indicating that tobacco products may be purchased at the premises concerned,

(c) a sign is displayed at the premises concerned—

(i) in such a manner and form as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Minister,

(ii) informing the public that tobacco products may be sold at those premises to persons who have attained the age of 18 years, and

(iii) providing such other information as may be so prescribed.

(5) A person who contravenes subsection (3) or (4) shall be guilty of an offence.

(6) For the purposes of subsection (1), a tobacco product shall be deemed to be sold by means of self service where the purchaser is permitted to supply himself or herself, either upon or before payment, with the tobacco product concerned whether by means of the depositing of money or a token (intended to be used as a substitute for money) in a machine containing the tobacco product or otherwise.