Radiological Protection (Amendment) Act, 2002

Remediation works grant.

5.—(1) The Minister shall, subject to regulations made under section 8 , make a payment, out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas, to the Institute for the purpose of administering and paying out moneys for carrying out remediation works to any house with a radon gas measurement that is greater than 200 becquerels per cubic metre to an applicant and such payment shall include provision for administration costs incurred by the Institute in the administration of the grant scheme.

(2) The Institute shall administer the grant scheme in accordance with this Act and regulations made under section 8 .

(3) The Institute may, for the purposes of the administration of such grant scheme, provide administrative structures for the performance of its functions.

(4) The Minister may cause to be published such information in relation to the grant scheme as in the opinion of the Minister is necessary from time to time.

(5) The Institute shall establish a system for the inspection of any house and remediation works that are the subject of an application under this Act.

(6) The Institute shall appoint a person to be a remediation works inspector to carry out such inspections under this Act and any regulation made under section 8 and may revoke any such appointment and sections 28(6) and 29(3) to (8) of the Principal Act shall apply, with any necessary modifications, to a remediation works inspector appointed under this section.

(7) The Institute shall furnish the Minister with such information regarding the performance by the Institute of its functions under this Act as the Minister may from time to time request.

(8) The Institute shall keep the records referred to in subsection (9) for a period prescribed by the Minister and thereafter shall furnish such records to the Minister.

(9) The records referred to in subsection (8) include a record of each application for a grant made under the Act, the level of radon gas submitted in respect of such application and the grant paid to the applicant.